2013 Holiday Reflections

Hi There!

Happy Belated New Year! We hope your holiday was as eventful and adventurous as ours here in the RG studio. As you can image there wasn’t much time for blogging, but plenty of time for travel and trunk shows. Ladies and Gents needed jewels and I had to deliver, which meant a multiple holiday city tour in 3 months!


Pittsburgh was my first stop at the Stylish Choices Boutique. We usually have an amazing show and this year was no exception. It wasn’t a surprise to see Pittsburgh’s most fashionable flock show up and show out!


 As the first show of the holiday season with such a fabulous turn out , I knew this would set the tone for the rest of 2013!


Wayne Smith in Houston was the next stop on the RG express and Halloween was in full swing. We had a blast keeping the spirit alive in our witch hats and masquerade masks.

There were plenty of tricks going on and we made sure to treat the customers to some amazing jewels. #trickortreat


After more great shows in Dallas and Calgary, I flew back to NYC for some much needed R&R and decided to have a well-deserved dinner on the upper west side with my oldest friend in life. We’ve been next door neighbors since I was three years old and our mothers still live in the same houses!….lol

No matter how hectic my schedule, when this lady comes to town, everything shuts down!


The night was still young, so we decided to take a little upper west side stroll and surprisingly ran into Bansky.


Well, not the artist himself of course, but a fun little ‘Hammer Boy’ creative that was soon to be removed, so I had to get in on the action!

Through out all my travels, it was impossible for me not to be inspired to produce something exceptional. Thus the new Crownwork Oxidized Tassel Sautior was born.

Sautior Lo-resAll and All, the RG team closed out the year with a Big Bang and I couldn’t have been more grateful for all my stores that made the end on the year such a success.

Big hugs and Kisses!!! Until next time…..

Rays initials

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Stone and Stranding with Nadine McCarthy

We had the pleasure of catching up with Stone and Strand Founder Nadine McCarthy. She was gracious enough to explain the interesting concept behind the site and why it’s one of the new ways to shop for fine jewelry.

Stone and Strand

Brooke Magnaghi (left) and Nadine McCarthy Kahane (right)

RG: Tell us a little about Stone & Strand

NM: Stone & Strand is a fine jewelry destination that transports the age-old relationship of a personal jeweler and their client to the online arena. We use the convenience and storytelling capabilities of the Internet, as a platform for jewelry enthusiasts to discover, learn about and shop for the very best unique fine jewelry, delivered with a suite of highly intimate concierge services.

RG: How do you select designers to participate on the site?

NM: Stone & Strand is founded upon a contemporary expression of old values. We select designers based on their unique design aesthetic, with underlying devotion and exceptional craftsmanship. In a world filled with factory-manufactured jewelry, we seek designers with an individual story to tell, and a collection that has both spirit and soul.

designer pageStone & Strand launched with a celebration of the amazing jewelry designers we have right here in our hometown of New York. There is so much talent in the city, ranging from highly established designers to the raw energy of designers launching their first line. Ray was one of the first designers that we brought on- we knew we had to have him!

We have since expanded our range and introduced a select group of international designers from all over the world including Turkey, the UK, Russia and Switzerland.


RG: What drew you to Ray’s jewelry?

NM: All of our handpicked jewelry designers have their own personality, and Ray’s jewelry has it in abundance! It’s difficult to know where to begin, but at the core of his work is his unique hand crafted crown work technique, so intricate and challenging that few others (if any?) are able to replicate its meticulous detail.

Ray's Page

Ray is a true expert. He’s been designing and making jewelry his whole life and you can simply see it in the gorgeous pieces he produces and his stunning use of color.

Finally, Ray has an infectious passion for the industry and can talk about each and every stone in his collection for hours – where it came from, what makes it special and what he’s going to do with it. Time simply flies by when we pay his beautiful studio a visit!

RG: What is your personal favorite piece of jewelry?

NM: I sadly don’t own it (yet)– but am obsessed with Ray’s 18K yellow gold Tiara. It is the most exquisite piece I have ever seen. We were fortunate enough to be able to shoot it in our first editorial photography session and everyone on set was similarly blown away. It defines the meaning of a family heirloom!

Tiara Page

Ray Griffiths ‘Regency Tiara’ on the Stone and Strand Site

RG: Where is your favorite place to shop (besides Stone and Strand?)

NM: I adore rummaging through antique stores and vintage flea markets, a habit that runs through my entire family. There is nothing better than the feeling of discovery when you find a unique piece, that has its own unique story, and are able to bring it back to life in a corner of your home.

RG: What does the future hold for Stone and Strand?

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 3.49.25 PM

NM: Stone & Strand is more than an online destination. We are building a community for jewelry enthusiasts, and want to provide them with insider’s access to the often-veiled world of fine jewelry through exclusive access to one of a kind pieces, behind the scenes peeks into a designer’s world, and finally pop up events for people to meet us in person. We are keeping busy!

To explore the wonderful world of Stone and Strand visit: http://www.stoneandstrand.com/

Until Next Time….

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Cowboys and Parisians

Hi there,

I am back (briefly) from another round of travels, some work, some play, all fun!  My first stop was Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  I had a great time with all the ladies at Belle Cose for my trunk show.  Its a such a gorgeous town full of cowboy spirit and open skies.

Blog Image 1

This arch of antlers that welcomes you into town is really quite breathtaking

Blog Image 2

Giddy up y’all, these cowboys hitched their wagon outside the store.

Blog Image 3

Jenny at Belle Cose with the jewels

Belle Cose is such a beautiful store, you should check it out if you are in Jackson Hole.



Nothing really changes in rainy old London, the streets still make me feel like I have just stepped onto the set of Coronation Street.

Blog Image 5

I was thrilled to catch up with my old friend Robert McCalla

My next stop was a quick hop across the pond to London.  I lived in London 33 years ago so it holds a special place in my heart.  I haven’t had the chance to visit for years so it was great to catch up with old friends and visit my old stomping grounds.After a couple of days in rainy old London I jumped on the Chunnel to Paris, this was my first time taking to train from London to France.  So much fun!

Blog Image 6

The obligatory shot of the Eiffel tower, its beauty never fails to inspire me.

Blog Image 8

The bridge of lovers locks, so much romance in Paris

Blog Image 9

Musée du quai Branly has the most incredible vertical garden, its an incredible example of sustainable design

Blog Image 7

Having dinner with two of my dearest friends in Paris, Cathy and Keith was an absolute treat

Blog Image 10

One of my favorite things about traveling is being able to experience the art and imagination of artists around the work. I fell in love with this sculpture in the gardens outside the Louvre

Then it was back to London for a few more days of fun, I managed to catch a couple of shows for London Fashion week with my dear friend (????)

Blog Image 13

Susie Hoyle loving life in London

Blog Image 12

I was immediately drawn to this sculpture at the Tate Modern, I then discovered its are the work of the same artist I fell in love with in Paris. Don’t you love serendipity…….

I was so inspired by all the beautiful art and architecture I saw on my trip, I can’t wait to share the beautiful new designs I have been working on since I returned.

These beautiful new half crownwork ball earrings are my current favorite creation, they are delicious diamond disco balls for your ears.

cw-ball-earringsHave a great weekend everyone, I am off to Miami to do the Centurion show then Pittsburgh for a trunk show.  I am all over the place for the next few months, come and find me and say hi.

Rays initials

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A new bloginning…..

Hi there,

Welcome to the new blog, apologies for taking so long between posts.  We have been working on something very special at Ray Griffiths HQ and I am thrilled to be able to finally share our new website with you.  We are really proud of it,  there are still some fun new things to come on it so stay tuned and sign up for our updates so you can keep up with new designs and other bits and pieces.


Here is a little preview of what you will find.




I hope everyone is enjoying the summer, the weather in New york has been a little bit of everything, including a couple of brutally hot weeks but now it seems to have settled and its fantastic.  I have been on the road, as usual.  As busy as it is I really do love meeting everyone and seeing so many beautiful places.

I started the year off with a much needed break with one of my closest friends, in San Miguel de Allende at the gorgeous home of Wayne Smith and his partner Denny, if you are in Houston you must check out Wayne’s store www.waynesmithjewels.com

Relaxing at the house

Relaxing at the house




I treated myself to some new artwork by a very talented local artist.

I treated myself to some new artwork by a very talented local artist.

From there it has been non stop traveling, so far this year I have been to Australia,Menlo Park, San Mateo, Houston, Las Vegas, San Franciso, Carmel and Manchester by the Sea!!!

Last month I went to Carmel in California for the 10th Anniversary of Cayen Collections.  The vivacious owner of the store Soraya has been a very good friend of mine for many years and she hosted a gorgeous dinner in the store.

The Gorgeous Table

The Gorgeous Table

The table was strewn with jewels and gems

The table was strewn with jewels and gems

The hostess with the mostess

The hostess with the mostess


My partner in trunk show crime Victor Velyan

My partner in trunk show crime Victor Velyan

I also visited Manchester-by-the-sea on Cape Ann in MA for a trunk show at Gladstone.  Charles and Elaine are fantastic hosts and the town is picture perfect.

The houses are all so gorgeous

The houses are all so gorgeous


All jeweled up and ready to go

All jeweled up and ready to go

Elaine, Charles and I

Elaine, Charles and I

Elaine, Charles and their delightful daughter Lucy

Elaine, Charles and their delightful daughter Lucy

I had such a fun weekend, thanks for your hospitality guys!

This wouldn’t be a jewelry blog without a little bling, I am loving this champagne diamond shield ring, a little preview of my fall/holiday collection.

18ct Yellow Gold crownwork shank shield ring with champagne diamonds (4.62cts)

18ct Yellow Gold crownwork shank shield ring with champagne diamonds (4.62cts)

I am off to Jackson Hole, Wyoming next weekend for a trunk show at Belle Cose, can’t wait to share my pics of that one.


Rays initials

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Travel, Tucson & Trunk Shows

Hello friends

I can’t believe its March already.   The start to this year has been a blur of travel and I find myself again remiss in not posting earlier.   I hope you are all having a great 2012 so far.  Mine began in the middle of the ocean on a ship in the Caribbean.  We started off in Miami then sailed on to St Maarten, St Thomas, the Bahamas and back to Miami.  I was there for work (of course) but managed to enjoy some downtime and met some wonderful people.  My favorite part of doing trunk shows, apart from showing my handiwork off, is the people I meet and the new friends that I make.

The ship all lit up and ready to sail

A private staff only jacuzzi right up the front of the ship

Another Ray upshot with 2 of the gorgeous girls from the ship

Happy New Year!  I loved this Solid Gold dancer….

My case on the ship all jeweled up and ready for sales

The next stop on my tour was Tucson Arizona for the International Gem Show, always one of the highlights of my year.  I have always had a love for and fascination with gemstones and being surrounded by the most fabulous ones in the world is such a thrill and a treat for me.  It really gets my creative juices flowing and reaffirms for me why I am a jewelry designer.  I simply love to share these wonderful creations of nature and make them into treasures to wear.   Being at the show also gives me an opportunity to socialize with my fellow designers, all of whom I admire greatly and have become friends over the years.

Its not Tucson without a Cactus!

Naturally formed Ruby in Zoisite

Bamboo fossilized into stone

Arman, Pamela Froman, Soraya and I

Finally I spent a week in Barbados doing several trunk shows for the movers and shakers on the island.  The Royal Family were on their yacht just off shore at the same time, I tried to swim out with an arm full of jewels for Kate but didn’t quite make it….  This was my second time in Barbados and I love it.  The people are amazing and its such a bright, vibrant and friendly country.

My home for the week, Discovery Bay..AKA Disaster Bay

Afternoon tea party with the Barbadian ladies who lunch at Lime Grove

Another Ray upshot with Michal, the owner of the store I was doing trunk shows with

Adeline and the girls ready for action at the Royal Pavilion show

Waiting for the green flash….

Now I am back in the studio with the hammer in my hands making jewels and working on the plans for my apartment renovation.  Off to Texas next week for a big sales trip.  The adventure never ends.  All of my tropical adventures had a definite influence on my designs.  My look for spring/summer is bright and bold.  Can’t wait to share some new jewels with you soon


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What a year!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.  I have (again) been on the road.

I had a very busy and enjoyable holiday trunk show season in Tennessee, New Orleans, San Mateo, SanFranciso and locally in Bronxville.  Thanks to those who came out to say hi and bought jewels.  I love seeing you all.

Canal Street (New Orleans) looked so sparkly and festive

With my gorgeous friend Jackie in Muir Woods (just across the Golden Gate Bridge)

My delightful nieces Sam & Ash flew in to meet me San Francisco from Australia to stay with me for the holidays.

What a thrill to get a Holiday card from the OBAMA FAMILY!!!!!!

At this time I always find myself reflecting on the year that has passed (much too quickly)Some of the highlights of my year have been:

Moving into our fabulous new office space, if you are in town you really must come and check it out.

There has been lots of traveling this year, mainly for work but luckily also some for pleasure.  My trip to Brazil with 3 of my best friends was amazing.  But of course my recent trip to China, Japan and Hong Kong really did get me excited about the world.

These things  fueled me creatively so I feel that my greatest achievement this year is the jewelry we have created.  The collection is the best its ever been and there is so much more to come in the New Year.  Its a very exciting note to end the year on!

My holiday plans include preparing a wonderful meal with my gorgeous nieces, showing then my New York and then sailing off into the sunset on a NYE cruise from Miami to the Caribbean.

Whatever you have planned I hope it is fabulous!

Happy Happy



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To (and from) Asia with Love

Hi everyone

Its been far too long between blog posts, I have been (literally) to China and back!

I spent the majority of October on ships in Asia, I went from Shanghai to Osaka to Fukuoka to South Korea to Shanghai to Naha to Taipei to Hong Kong…….it was exhausting, exhilarating and inspiring

I took this photo from the deck of the ship whilst sailing out of Shanghai.  One of my favorite buildings is the Oriental Pearl Tower, its particularly beautiful in the evenings when it changes color.
An obligatory “Up Shot” from the deck of the ship, taken in high wind!

Whilst in Taipei I was fascinated by these amazing doors at the Taipei War Memorial.  Red symbolizes good luck and joy in Asian culture and there is so much of it everywhere, which made me very happy and I found very inspiring.

I took this in Osaka, everyone was riding bikes.  I was particularly inspired by this old man who was so fit and agile.  I love riding my bike and I hope I am like that when I am 80 :)

In Hong Kong I had with dinner with an old friend Guy and he took me to a fantastic restaurant called Hutong on the Kowloon side. This is chicken in whole chillis…HOT HOT HOT and delicious.  This meal was the perfect accompaniment to the nightly laser show from the top of the Hong Kong  buildings.

Many years ago when I was an apprentice to a master, one of the techniques we studied was enamel, which is the process of baking glass at high temperature in a kiln until it liquifies.  I have always been fascinated by Plique A Jour which is when the enamel is locked into the framework  rather than on the surface of the metal, creating a translucent stained glass effect and have always wanted to incorporate this into my jewelry.  After much trial and error we discovered this technique lends itself perfectly to the crownwork and has allowed me to produce one of my favorite lines to date.

Obviously my Asian trip inspired me, the red adds a richness to the jewelry

We got some great press this month, big thanks to InStyle, Veranda and JCK


I can’t believe its Thanksgiving next week, I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and I hope to see you somewhere soon


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