Up in the air

Hi  Folks,

I hope you’re enjoying your last summer days.

My month could be summarized by a weekly “up in the air”. I went to Jackson Hole (Wyoming) last week for a trunk show at Belle Cose’s boutique.

I stayed in a stunning complex “Love Ridge”, very charming.

photo 2 copie


The apartment was a lovely chalet with a great view on the mountains. A traditional log cabin just down the block, got my attention.

photo 4 copie

I love these columns.

photo 5 copie

The natural knotted wood is kooky on this great old house.

Giddy up Y’All !

Get ready for the at home view, so comfy !

photo 6 copie

And huge for me :) I was almost lost

photo 7 copieSo I took a picture for you just in case I was missing :)


photo 3


I was with Jane, lovely owner at Belle Cose and her mom, a fantastic woman !

photo 13 copie


IMG_5642 copieLife in pink, folks ! :) They are both beautiful !

In the morning, I went to the Town Square to see the famous Antler Arches. That’s very impressive ! I love them ! Don’t panic, I did not kill them, they fall off seasonally :D



It was a real blast in the lovely valley ! Now time to get on the plane.

photo 11 copie

And say goodbye to this incredible landscape

photo 12 copie


I am back to the Big Apple :)


Until next time ;)


Rays initials

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On the Highway of my life

August, August, August… Hey ! Wait a minute, almost my birthday?

Where was I during all those years?

Not sure :) .. BUT, I know where I was last week end when it was so cloudy in NYC and the studio looked like this:


I know… NYC can’t shine bright all the time !

SOOO I went to Manchester (By-the-sea) for a trunk show at Gladstone’s store.

I got in my car and was on the highway, almost without traffic (I know, can you believe it?) :)

I arrived in the Gladstone House, a great house with great people ;) : Elaine, Charles and their daughter Lucy. This is a kitchen selfie with the family and I.


It was a great week end, and we sold some of my favorite items ! But honestly, how could you not in this comfy and lovely environment.


photo 4

The next morning, I went walk about in the town and found this lovely house with a classic “Mansard” roof. I Love it !


Now time to go back to the real world in my office

Until next time…:)

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When I was in San Francisco

I made sure to get my groove on :)

Hi Y’all

Can’t believe the summer is almost gone ! What an incredible July, time runs so fast ! Let me take a seat and put my fingers on my keyboard to tell you my last trip in California with sun, fun and jewelry !

I went to Danielle’s stores for a personal apparence in San Francisco and Napa. Danielle is a great friend and we spend quality time together.

Danielle and I

  • Act 1 Scene 1: San Francisco 

Well, you can make fun of my tourist mode, keeping one hand on the wheel and the other on my phone, trying to take a picture of the Golden Gate :)

But we can just admit this bridge looks GREAT and it is always fun to drive across.

photo 5photo 7

I was staying in an hotel in the Presidio, nice neighborhood and houses :)

photo 1

Early in the morning, i was hiking before my trunk show with an amazing view over Alcatraz and the water. Perfect walk and deep breath and some yoga sat nam :) before meeting Danielle at her store.

photo 2

  • Act 1 scene 2: Carmel

After my road trip, I finally arrived in Carmel, almost 120 miles away from SF (according to Google map). It’s a beautiful city.

I traded Alcatraz for a perfect wild beach view for my morning activity.

photo 2

photo 4

It is too cold to swim.

This is the lovely Soraya in her store.


And Victor, my buddy and a great jeweler.

Victor and I

I was glad to meet a new friend, Sophie, Cayen’s puppy ! So cute ! Should I design a necklace for this demoiselle?

Sophie puppy

And then, maybe I should steal her pink leash :)

Doggy Ray

Early evening after work, with Molly, we stopped by the Mission Ranch, restored and preserved by Clint Eastwood. I was feeling at home with those Eucalyptus trees, from my native Australia.

photo 7

photo 8

California, I already miss you !  Thank to Danielle at Danielle’s, Soraya, Molly and the mob from Cayen Gallery for your kindness enthusiasm and joy :) it was a real blast.

Now back to the real world :)

Next destination, get ready, East coast I am coming !


Rays initials

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The Couture Life….

Now that the dust has settled and the biggest jewelry trade show of the year has passed, it’s about that time to dish what we’ve been up to. The Ray Griffiths team jetted to Las Vegas for 8 eventful days of fine jewelry and fun!

Couture Logo copy

Our little pink corner was lit from showcase to showcase. All the new and existing jewels were polished, styled and presented to magazine editors, potential buyers and costume designers from your favorite television shows.


The Ray Griffiths buzz was heard throughout the show and we received an amazing response. Some of the big hits of the show were our infamous triple wrap leaf necklace, tapered concave hoop earrings, teardrop oxidized and crownwork diamond hoops and the amazing asymmetrical hoop necklace.

RG.05.14...-40 RG_-29 Jewelry Ray Griffiths-66

Although we didn’t win any design awards, it’s always fun to participate. The finial masterpiece didn’t win a glass trophy, but it definitely won many admires.


We made sure our Vegas nights were something to remember, cruising the strip with fellow designers and colleagues. We all had a blast enjoying what the Couture life had to offer.

Janelle MJanelle Monae giving us a riveting performance of all her latest hits and some oldies but goodies!

Group ShotThe F ‘N’ REAL back in effect at the design awards.

Bowling ColorReggae Bowling at the Brooklyn Bowl with Fried Chicken and Beer. Class all the way :)

The Couture show surpassed everything we thought it would be. After intense planning, organizing and executing for months, our team really pulled off a great show! We are so thankful to the Couture and GES staff as well. #thanku

Until Next Time…..

Rays initials

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Keeping Up with Ray!

Hey There!

It’s been a non-stop bob since the last time I checked in with you. Amazing that we are already in early May. However, so much has happened in such a short time and I’m really excited to share the new developments.


Tucson in February was pretty amazing, not only because I got to escape that dreadful Polar Vortex!..but I also collected some of the most amazing stones and materials for the collection. Expect to see brilliant bold color and beautiful paved Sapphires. Plus Tanzanite, Aqua, Chrysoprase and many more special materials coming this Spring. Days at the shows and nights at eventful parties and dinners, made for a wonderful experience at the AGTA Gem Show.


Of course this entry would not be complete, if I didn’t mention a Trunk show. Right after the Tuscon it was back to business as usual. First Stop, Bella Cose’s new location at the Four Season in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Although, I was greeted by a mountain of snow, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. I was tempted to strap on the skies, but settled for a martini by the fireplace instead!


This was my first time doing a show with Bella Cose this early in the year, but I know it won’t be my last! It has always been a pleasure working with these ladies and I’m looking forward to see them in August! If you plan on making a trip to the elk country around that time, you know where I’ll be!

After a great time in the mid-west, I made my way across the world to the old country :) Australia to see my family, especially my mother who just turned a sprite 90 years of age. We ate, we drank, we laughed and almost cried  !! All the makings of a great trip home.

This is me with my brothers, mum and next door neighbor


Lesley and me IMG_4333 IMG_4324

It wasn’t long before I got back to NYC that it was time for another designer showcase. Saint Germain Owner and good friend Faye Cannon welcomed me to New Orleans with open arms and I was more than happy to be on the receiving end. A night in New Orleans is not complete without a walk down the French Quarter and authentic Cajun dinner to put you to sleep, so that’s exactly what we did.

Saint Germain

Funny how time flies when you’re having fun, because three days went by in a blink of an eye and I must say we had a pretty successful showing.

All and all we are keeping things interesting here at the Ray Griffiths Studio and gearing up for one of our biggest shows of the year….You guessed it, “Couture”! So please stay connected to us through Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, for our latest and greatest.

Rays initials

In the meantime, let us introduce you to this beauty!















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2013 Holiday Reflections

Hi There!

Happy Belated New Year! We hope your holiday was as eventful and adventurous as ours here in the RG studio. As you can image there wasn’t much time for blogging, but plenty of time for travel and trunk shows. Ladies and Gents needed jewels and I had to deliver, which meant a multiple holiday city tour in 3 months!


Pittsburgh was my first stop at the Stylish Choices Boutique. We usually have an amazing show and this year was no exception. It wasn’t a surprise to see Pittsburgh’s most fashionable flock show up and show out!


 As the first show of the holiday season with such a fabulous turn out , I knew this would set the tone for the rest of 2013!


Wayne Smith in Houston was the next stop on the RG express and Halloween was in full swing. We had a blast keeping the spirit alive in our witch hats and masquerade masks.

There were plenty of tricks going on and we made sure to treat the customers to some amazing jewels. #trickortreat


After more great shows in Dallas and Calgary, I flew back to NYC for some much needed R&R and decided to have a well-deserved dinner on the upper west side with my oldest friend in life. We’ve been next door neighbors since I was three years old and our mothers still live in the same houses!….lol

No matter how hectic my schedule, when this lady comes to town, everything shuts down!


The night was still young, so we decided to take a little upper west side stroll and surprisingly ran into Bansky.


Well, not the artist himself of course, but a fun little ‘Hammer Boy’ creative that was soon to be removed, so I had to get in on the action!

Through out all my travels, it was impossible for me not to be inspired to produce something exceptional. Thus the new Crownwork Oxidized Tassel Sautior was born.

Sautior Lo-resAll and All, the RG team closed out the year with a Big Bang and I couldn’t have been more grateful for all my stores that made the end on the year such a success.

Big hugs and Kisses!!! Until next time…..

Rays initials

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Stone and Stranding with Nadine McCarthy

We had the pleasure of catching up with Stone and Strand Founder Nadine McCarthy. She was gracious enough to explain the interesting concept behind the site and why it’s one of the new ways to shop for fine jewelry.

Stone and Strand

Brooke Magnaghi (left) and Nadine McCarthy Kahane (right)

RG: Tell us a little about Stone & Strand

NM: Stone & Strand is a fine jewelry destination that transports the age-old relationship of a personal jeweler and their client to the online arena. We use the convenience and storytelling capabilities of the Internet, as a platform for jewelry enthusiasts to discover, learn about and shop for the very best unique fine jewelry, delivered with a suite of highly intimate concierge services.

RG: How do you select designers to participate on the site?

NM: Stone & Strand is founded upon a contemporary expression of old values. We select designers based on their unique design aesthetic, with underlying devotion and exceptional craftsmanship. In a world filled with factory-manufactured jewelry, we seek designers with an individual story to tell, and a collection that has both spirit and soul.

designer pageStone & Strand launched with a celebration of the amazing jewelry designers we have right here in our hometown of New York. There is so much talent in the city, ranging from highly established designers to the raw energy of designers launching their first line. Ray was one of the first designers that we brought on- we knew we had to have him!

We have since expanded our range and introduced a select group of international designers from all over the world including Turkey, the UK, Russia and Switzerland.


RG: What drew you to Ray’s jewelry?

NM: All of our handpicked jewelry designers have their own personality, and Ray’s jewelry has it in abundance! It’s difficult to know where to begin, but at the core of his work is his unique hand crafted crown work technique, so intricate and challenging that few others (if any?) are able to replicate its meticulous detail.

Ray's Page

Ray is a true expert. He’s been designing and making jewelry his whole life and you can simply see it in the gorgeous pieces he produces and his stunning use of color.

Finally, Ray has an infectious passion for the industry and can talk about each and every stone in his collection for hours – where it came from, what makes it special and what he’s going to do with it. Time simply flies by when we pay his beautiful studio a visit!

RG: What is your personal favorite piece of jewelry?

NM: I sadly don’t own it (yet)– but am obsessed with Ray’s 18K yellow gold Tiara. It is the most exquisite piece I have ever seen. We were fortunate enough to be able to shoot it in our first editorial photography session and everyone on set was similarly blown away. It defines the meaning of a family heirloom!

Tiara Page

Ray Griffiths ‘Regency Tiara’ on the Stone and Strand Site

RG: Where is your favorite place to shop (besides Stone and Strand?)

NM: I adore rummaging through antique stores and vintage flea markets, a habit that runs through my entire family. There is nothing better than the feeling of discovery when you find a unique piece, that has its own unique story, and are able to bring it back to life in a corner of your home.

RG: What does the future hold for Stone and Strand?

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 3.49.25 PM

NM: Stone & Strand is more than an online destination. We are building a community for jewelry enthusiasts, and want to provide them with insider’s access to the often-veiled world of fine jewelry through exclusive access to one of a kind pieces, behind the scenes peeks into a designer’s world, and finally pop up events for people to meet us in person. We are keeping busy!

To explore the wonderful world of Stone and Strand visit: http://www.stoneandstrand.com/

Until Next Time….

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